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The people are very knowledgeable and it really looks like they take customer satisfaction seriously. I spent Rs 540 to ferry myself all month in the comfort of a car and covered 890 km.

I spent Rs 588 to ferry myself all month in the comfort of a car and covered 970 km. The first sticker says it all. Its an electric car that plugs in and pay day loan domestic electricity instead of imported oil - NO MO OIL The second sticker talks bout the Pay day loan chemistry that makes this wonder happen.

The Numbers - January 2014 Did not drive much this month as i had to go out of station for couple of weeks. A Number of times, i charged outside my home: 0 Unexpected Low Charge and Unable to Reach Destination: None So there u have it guys. This was a slow month and the numbers showed The Numbers - February 2014 More than 6 months and EVA is going great.

No servicing and maintenance issues so far. Just the other day, a Hyundai Verna guy scrapped past me. He was in a hurry. We stopped and he apologized. I saw a deep dent and a white scratch on the black Verna. There was nothing on EVA. Am sure that guy spent close to 20k to repair the scratches. This again illustrates the superiority of plastic over metal for Indian city driving.

I also had to leave EVA for a few days as i had to go outside Pune. This was again slow month and the numbers showed. But still for all my purposes, the 'fuel' cost for me has been Rs 2480. For all my purposes, the 'fuel' cost for me has been Rs 2768.

I drove EVA to our ashram 35 km from Pune in the mountains. I enjoyed the drive in pay day loans the mountains. Need to do his more. For all my purposes, the 'fuel' cost for me has been Rs 3068. For all my purposes, the 'fuel' cost for me has been Rs 3434. I had been to Europe for 3 and half weeks so, EVA was in vacation mode. Those interested can read my blog on Europe and EVs However there was a glitch waking up EVA when i got back from vacation. EVA just would not start charging. So i had to call the Mahindra REVA guys.

Turned out that the Intelligent Energy Management System (IEMS) which is the master system was not able to wake up. The Mahindra Reva engineer pay day loans visited my home and replaced the entire IEMS and then EVA started charging and its been normal ever since. I did not have to pay anything.

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